About this blog

Welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a long time now, and now seems the perfect time to participate (in however small a way) in the exciting conversations happening  right now around identity and equality.

First things first, my blog needed a name. I consulted a blog name generator and entered my key words; feminism, gender and queer. The results were many and varied. My favourites were; topqueer (I most certainly am), genderface (lol), queer babble (pretty much sums it up), Momqueer (nope) and Proqueer (hey nobody told me I could do this professionally!). I decided to go with none of them.

Next, I required a central idea or theme. In these early stages, this blog will be a place for ideas and discussions about gender, feminism and queerness, through an Australian lens. There will also be some analysis of pop culture, media and maybe lived experience. And I want to share some of my favourite things (a la Oprah). But these will likely be things like books and podcasts rather than whitegoods and beauty products. And unfortunately, I won’t be getting any kickbacks.

Finally, this blog will a process of learning. I don’t claim to have all of the answers. Each piece of the puzzle forms a part of my larger understanding, which is always evolving. So please read and engage with an open mind and an open heart.