5 queer super powers

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Super Queero fled their home planet Glittertron via escape pod moments before it exploded in a fiery flair of lava. After crashing to earth (which seemed quite bland in comparison), they lived with a human family. Queero began to display superhuman abilities in early childhood. But hid these abilities from a world that was hostile and unaccommodating. Until one day, they could no longer contain them. Queero became Super Queero! They went on to use their super powers to fight evil and ultimately, to save the world.

There isn’t just one Super Queero – we are legion! And we have special abilities, which I like to think of as queer super powers;

  • Subversion

Our very existence challenges patriarchal systems of power. We exist on the outside, looking in at societal norms, rules and rituals. This unique perspective allows us to challenge and critique, and ultimately to create our own rules.

  • Empathy

Living with exclusion, prejudice and a lack of representation and legal protections can bestow on us the ability to empathise and relate to the struggles of other marginalised groups. We can examine our own privilege and notice the ways in which we participate in systems that harm others. We can become their allies.

  • Community

Everywhere you go, if you choose to see it, you have a secret tribe. This will be acknowledged by a furtive glance, a subtle nod or a particularly friendly greeting. A kind of instant acknowledgement of shared experience. Whether you choose to call it chosen family, a gaggle or community. Our strength is multiplied in numbers.

  • Resilience

We don’t deserve the struggles that come with being queer, heaped upon us by a world that ranges from indifferent to downright hateful. But our pain and suffering build our capacity to adapt and to recover. We fall apart them rebuild ourselves. Consciousness unfurls like a flower bud opening, we learn to trust our instincts and be ourselves.

  • Pride

The pride parade began as a protest. The concept has come to mean recognition of our collective dignity, equality and diversity. Pride is about more than just ourselves too. It is our ancestors, our history and our culture. Those who came before and those yet to come. And our shared resistance.

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